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Iso windows 7 для virtualbox

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A fine replacement for Windows XP and Vista. This website is being sponsored by Google Ads. If you wish to support this website, you can temporarily? Experience the elegant simplicity of Xubuntu! You can get your own free copy here. How to install a free legal Windows in VirtualBox Back to the home page How to install a free legal Windows in VirtualBox in Linux Unfortunately, some people still need Windows for a particular end. For example when they have a navigation device that can only be updated by means of a Windows application If this applies to you as well, then you can make use of VirtualBox and a free legal Virtual Machine VM with Windows 7, 8.

Running such a VM is safe for your Linux: You can achieve this as follows: First install VirtualBox and its extension pack. You can launch a terminal window like this: Type your password when prompted; this will remain entirely invisible, not even asterisks will show, which is normal.

How to install Windows 7 on VirtualBox

Press the Tab key to activate the Ok "button" it becomes red then and press Enter. See the screenshot below click on it to enlarge it: The correct choice, namely Yes , has already been activated. Add yourself to the group "vboxusers".

Iso windows 7 для virtualbox

Now download a free legal VM with Windows 7 Enterprise IE11 on Win7. You can use this legal VM with Windows 7 for 90 days. The how-to for extending the activation "re-arm" is written on the wallpaper of Windows 7. After those days you can simply delete the existing VM and import a new clean VM, which should give you another days.

Iso windows 7 для virtualbox

Launch Oracle VM Virtualbox and select in its panel: Click on the imported VM - click Settings - USB - select USB 2. Now click on Snapshots and create a snapshot, for renewed activation when the five activation extensions have been exhausted. Start the VM and wait until Windows has completed booting. Devices - Insert Guest Additions CD image Now wait; this can take a long time.

Then click on VBoxWindowsAdditions.

After Windows has rebooted, you can add USB devices. First connect them to your computer. Then in the panel of VirtualBox: Devices - USB - click on your device. This should enable Windows to install it. Because with that click, you transfer the device from Linux to Windows. Your Windows 7 VM should now be fully functional. Theoretically, this could cause loss of data. Then simply create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox, launch the new VM and select the.